July 20, 2021

WINTER TIDE/Live at Soundquest Fest 2021

Digital only, available at Bandcamp

"Winter Tide" is a suite in 8 parts, all new music specially written for the Soundquest Fest online festival on March 28 2021. This one hour set is now presented as 8 audio tracks, mastered at the highest quality audio possible intended to unveil the greatest subtleties and dimension of this captivating deep-listening performance.

Watch the whole concert at Youtube

June 18, 2021

New full length album is released on June 18!

A quiet and poetic ambient album, with lot's of various and textured guitars.

"Evolved from layers of sustained guitars inspiring infinite space and a minimal essence, creating a spell of slow, melodic soundscapes."

Video with excerpts from the whole album: Youtube
Video on "Light Among Shadows: Youtube

MARCH 28, 2021

Online streamed concert at the SoundQuest Fest 2021 on March 28.
A one hour continuous set, all new music special written for the festival! For those of you who did not have the chance to watch it in real time, here is a Youtube video of the complete set. Enjoy!

Link to the festival:

SoundQuest Fest, first experienced as a live festival in Tucson Arizona in 2010 was created by ambient music pioneer Steve Roach. This 2021 event will unite a worldwide gathering of artists and audience members together for a 3-day online event unique in the realm of ambient music. From March 26-28th a continuous flow of streamed performances, audio-video wonder worlds and deep immersion zones will burn bright on Steve's YouTube channel.

MARCH 12, 2021

"SILVER BEACH",  the classic album from 1986 is now available on Vinyl!
(2 LP set). This is the 4th "incarnation" of the album, remastered and including several never before heard tracks from the same era.
Released on Abstrakce Records in Spain:

JANUARY 22, 2021

New full length album is released on January 22!

RECURRENCE highlights Wøllo's extraordinary luminous mastery. With elements reminiscent of previous releases like Gateway and Different Places, it also sees impulses from Wøllo's renowned collaborations with electronic music pioneers Steve Roach and Michael Stearns. Emotional and filled with sonic imagery, Recurrence will entice the listener to repeated listens.

Youtube, excerpts:

DECEMBER 11, 2020

My new 5 track EP called THE ABANDONED SEA is released today!
This project was initiated by renowned New York Times writer and reporter Ian Urbina. The music is inspired by his bestseller book The Outlaw Ocean as an experiment in translation, taking journalism and converting it into music. This is the soundtrack to the book, telling stories and conveys the feelings and issues born organically from the actual reported content.

AUGUST 28, 2020

CONVERGENCE, the new album together with MICHAEL STEARNS is released on Projekt Records!

... soulful electronic sound-painting and evocative space music combined. Stearns collaborates with Wøllo on his first label-released non-film-score since 2001. Together, these guitarists/synthesists weave a haunting and shadowy world filled with longing melodies and alluring glimmering sonic textures.

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